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Marser, Gilvelle
Description Master Architect of the city of Dargon. In his thirties, he has brown, wavy hair, which is just beginning to gray at the edges.
  • Echoes off the Stone in DargonZine 18-8 Attempts to repair damage to the Causeway in Dargon
  • Shattered Dreams in DargonZine 25-1 Tries to work with a strange new race of people to restore Dargon's damaged causeway
  • For A Slice of Apple Pie in DargonZine 26-2 Passing reference.
  • Harvest Ale in DargonZine 26-4 Passing reference.
  • The Life and Death of Gillem Stonecutter in DargonZine 26-5 Struggles with his role in rebuilding the causeway. Tensions with the Doravin result in conflict.
  • Seeking The Stone in DargonZine 30-3 Attempts to recover the glowing stone that was stolen from the camp of the Doravin, with the help of Town Guards Celia and Cael.
  • Between Mallet and Slab in Dargonzine 31-2 Accompanied by Celia and Cael, searches for answers to the mystery of the Doravin and ends up in a difficult situation.