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Northfield, Valeran
Description Duke of Northfield at the time of the Great Houses War. Died circa 950 B.Y.. When his first wife died in childbirth, he scored a major coup by negotiating a marriage with Aendasia Blortnikson, Empress Mother of Beinison and designated heir to the throne of Baranur by King Stefan II Tallirhan (albeit illegally according to Baranurian succession law). He may have gotten more than he bargained for in the strong willed, dominant Aendasia. When Caeron Tallirhan was crowned king, Valeran took up arms in support of Aendasia. One of the major characters of the Great Houses War; he was the chief general of Aendasia's armies and led successful campaigns across Baranur. An extremely capable general, he played a decisive role in the war and very nearly led the insurrectionists to victory. At the time of the Great Houses War, she was in his mid-twenties and in his prime. His most distinguishing feature was his copper-coloured, shoulder-length hair. A very handsome and charismatic man, he a favourite of the ladies his entire life.