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Margre Chalisento
Description There is a very ancient, very obscure, legend about an ancient sorceress called the Margre Chalisento. It tells of how her plans were thwarted by the betrayal of an associate, of how she was beset by her enemies and thwarted in her ambition. Chalisento was imprisoned by having her body, mind, and spirit separated and bound to various objects that were hidden away for centuries.
  • Talisman Nine 4 in DargonZine 15-10 Nakaz sings a song about the legendary Margre Chalisento
  • Talisman Nine 5 in DargonZine 15-11 Nakaz pieces together the many puzzle bits in his possession, and realizes that the Margre is actively being sought.
  • Talisman Nine 6 in DargonZine 16-1 The Margre's influence seeks to trancend the curse placed upon those who seek her artifacts out.
  • Talisman Ten 1 in DargonZine 17-1 Passing reference
  • Talisman Ten 2 in DargonZine 17-2 Flane searches for information about the Margre; Nakaz and Aldan search for the same, as well as anyone who is also looking.
  • Talisman Ten 3 in DargonZine 17-3 The Margre quest comes closer and closer to being completed.
  • The Margre Arisen in DargonZine 19-3 Awakened by the cursed statue of Gow, the Margre Chalisento plots to escape her prison and destroy Dargon