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Tallirhan, King Caeron
Description Former Baranurian king; ruled 15 Vibril, 897 to 3 Deber, 899. His parents died of the Red Plague in the early 890s, leaving him as the heir to King Stefan II Tallirhan. Shortly after this, Caeron and his wife Dara converted to the Stevenic faith, which led Stefan II to disown him and illegally name Aendasia Blortnikson, his favourite niece, as his successor. When Stefan died in Vibril of 897, the majority of the lords sided with Caeron and he was crowned king. Aendasia pressed her claim, leading to the Great Houses War. Despite a bad temper and tendency towards arrogance, Caeron always strove to be the best Stevenic he could be, as well as a good king. He garnered a reputation across Baranur for being particularly pious. Despite being young (25) at the time of his coronation, he made a number of good reforms such as forming the Court of King's Bench into a regular court of justice with its own experts and judicial commissions, and signing the Act Concerning the Commoners of the Realm. He also donated generously from his personal wealth and built many hospitals, including the Cephas' Mercy Leper Colony. He was also a formidable warrior and capable tactician who led the loyalist forces to many victories during the Great Houses War although he ultimately died in defeat at the Battle of Magnus.