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Description Tillna is a short, slim, beautiful young woman, with long blond hair that hangs down to her waist and eyes that are so clear a blue that they look like glittering crystals. She dresses far more conservatively than Aivney does, although when she first arrived in Beeikar around 1011, she used to dress more like her fellow barmaid. Now, she dresses and acts far above her current job and prefers to forget her actions prior to meeting Aldan. She also prefers that others forget them as well. Tillna was murdered on the 11th of Yuli, 1013 by the members of the Menagerie. The murder was at the instigation, though not directly, of Aldan's father, Baron Chak, who wanted the rival to the arranged marriage he had planned for his son removed. The Menagerie took their second-hand comission too seriously, though, and Tillna ended up dead.