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Syloris, General
Description General Syloris was a political leader in Baranur's 8th century. He came from a long line of warriors and so came by his title hereditarily, as he never swung a sword at a foe, nor let even a single person into battle. He was, however, able to turn his family's notariety into political power, which he used to set himself up for life. Syloris built an opulent palace at one edge of the capital city of Magnus, complete with vast gardens and a splendid parade ground. This parade ground had a huge, ornate fountain in the center, while each corner sported an elaborate planting bed. Even as Syloris reigned, the city grew around his palace, swallowing his gardens. He walled in his parade ground, to keep it a separate space from the encroaching city. By the time of his death, the boundary of Magnus had moved well beyond his estate. Over the years, the large open space saw several uses, but it served best as a market place. The general is now forgotten by most of the populace who use the Syloris Market, but his name lives on.
  • Talisman Five 1 in DargonZine 13-6 Vard remembers where the Syloris Market got its name.