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Description Kuizhack is the Siizhayip word for almost everyone else. The word means "People of Stone", which refers both to the stone houses that non-nomads tend to live in, as well as to the fact that they are non-nomadic - they don't move with the seasons, but stay rooted in one spot like stone.
  • Talisman One 1 in DargonZine 12-7 The Siizhayip tend to refer to the people of Grahk as Kuizhack.
  • Talisman One 2 in DargonZine 12-8 Some Siizhayip have little love for Kuizhack in general, and the Kuizhack of Grahk in particular.
  • Talisman One 3 in DargonZine 12-9 Passing references to the Fretheod of Grahk.
  • Talisman One 4 in DargonZine 12-10 Passing reference.