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Description An empire in southern Cherisk. The warlike neighbor of Baranur. The Beinison Empire was founded approximately a thousand years ago. The rulers of the Beinison Empire have been, since its beginning, the Blortnikson Emperors. The line was founded by Eireik Blortnikson, unbroken until the death of Untar II in the Baranur-Beinison War. The Empire is controlled by three major families: the Blortniksons, the Fanezes, and the Quikuches. In general, the Fanezes control the Order of the Star, the Quikuches' control the Order of the Dragon, and the Blortniksons, of course, control the throne. The Empire is a vast land, as the Emperors have always sought to expand their control and lands with guile, might, or anything else that might work. Because of this ambition, the Beinison Empire has, over the years, absorbed many kingdoms and countries . However, the Emperors are never satisfied and are continually trying to extend their power. To this purpose, Beinison keeps a standing army at all times. Beinison has two military orders: The Order of the Star for those wishing to be knights and the Order of the Dragon for those who don't want the burden of knightly constraints but are still superior fighters. Beinison also has a grand history of magic, for it often proved useful in the art of conquest. This long history of magic has made Beinison famous for its schools of magic. Beinison's recent invasion of Baranur was halted only by the death of Emperor Untar II and his wizard Mon-Taerleor, whereupon most of the Beinison force withdrew, although isolated warlords continue to control much of the conquered territory, including the duchy of Pyridain.