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Wynn, Jana
Description Joceline Narragan (Jana Wynn) is the daughter of the Duke of Narragan. She is very independent-minded and lives for adventure. It was want of adventure that caused her to run away from home. She met with and joined Kishore by accident and has been his guide in northern Baranur. She goes by the name of Jana Wynn when with Kishore. [Rakhim Wynn was the Captain of the ship that brought Kishore north.] Jana has an older brother and a younger sister.
  • Night One in DargonZine 10-2 Meets adventurers when staying at the Forgotten Inn with Kishore.
  • Night Two in DargonZine 10-3 Agrees to join in the Forgotten Inn venture with the other adventurers.
  • Night Three in DargonZine 10-4 Settles into the routine of running an inn.