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Romen, Nessis
Description Mediocre performer and charlatan. He was born in the scrupulous city of Sharks' Cove in approximately 975 BY. It is known that in 1014 he met Balor Hardwin and became partners with the young man in a show. In 1015, during the Melrin festival, he seized his opportunity to "relieve" Balor of the "burden" of the funds the two had earned. By Seber 1018 has been reduced to petty thievery, and steals a green bag filled with colorful tubes from Hestor.
  • Intentions 1 in DargonZine 9-2 Passing reference
  • Stolen Thunder in DargonZine 21-2 Steals a green bag filled with colorful tubes, the purpose of which he fails to ascertain.
  • Nessis Romen Gets a Date in DargonZine 28-2 When the bathhouse opens at the docks in Dargon, Nessis attends the opening with Josey.