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Jhel, Order of
Description Underground cult worshipping the diety Jhel. Tenets of the faith include the belief that anarchy is the Blessed State, and when there is no more external rule, then would everyone live in bliss and ecstasy forever. Worship of Jhel is banned by the King and all followers considered traitors to the Crown. Cefn prevented the cult from obtaining the Sword of Cleah, one of their sacred magic items.
  • the Dream 1 in FSFnet 6-3 The last septent of Jhel resides in Dargon, and Cefn manipulates events to bring them down.
  • the Dream 2 in FSFnet 6-4 The spetent of Jhel tries trickery instead of force to get Je'en to give up her sword.
  • Glasmelyn Llaw 1 in FSFnet 6-5 Passing reference
  • the Treasure 3 in FSFnet 9-2 Passing reference
  • Quadrille 4 in DargonZine 11-1 Cefn and Je'en set a trap for the Order of Jhel
  • Quadrille 5 in DargonZine 11-3 Passing reference
  • Quadrille 6 in DargonZine 11-4 Passing reference
  • Measure of a Man 1 in DargonZine 16-2 Passing reference