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Description The gods' realm. The high castle of Kisil-Doon, named Kisil-Seed, is where the gods hold court, play their games, and watch over the realms of man. In the streets of the surrounding city, constant revelry, sports, and pleasure is all that can be found. In the fields of blue grass surrounding the mountain of yellow rock on which Kisil-Doon is perched, eternal peace and enlightenment radiate from the ground in pale, sky-blue waves. This is where Makdiar's sky comes from, for Kisil-Doon lies above Makdiar, and Gil-Pa'en below. Only the most zealous of followers may enter this realm without first experiencing the Feast of Rise'er. The first of which, Princess Risheera, was the daughter of Prince Rise'er. She fought against her father, calling on the powers of Nehru and His worshippers to help her in her cause. Eventually, the Prince discovered who it was behind the uprisings and raped his daughter. Nine months he held her prisoner in his castle tower, until she bore him a daughter, Neseera. Rise'er wanted a son, however, and so he slew both his daughter and his daughter's daughter, his second daughter, and fed them to the royal banquette. It was on this day that the Fretheod people had finally brought their masses together to depose the Prince, and to form the empire so destined for greatness. Once the pleasure of Kisil-Doon is known, no soul ever returns to Makdiar. Still-born babies and children who die before the age of six, for the six offspring of Ol, are returned to Makdiar to be born anew.