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Star, Knights of the
Description The Order of the Knights of the Star is the only legal knightly order in the Beinison Empire. Like the Templar Knights, these Knights are not sworn to any lord; they do not follow the feudal chain from lord to duke to king. Upon receiving Knighthood, the Knights of the Star vow absolute loyalty to the Emperor of Beinison and to the Order of Knights itself. To become a Knight of the Star, one must become a page to a Knight of the Star. One then works his (no ladies are allowed Knighthood in Beinison) way from Page to Squire, a Knight's assistant, to Knight Bachelor. After several years, Knights may be promoted from Knight Bachelor to Knight. Those in command of troops of Knights of the Star are given the rank of Knight General. These men also have some control over army troops. The supreme head of the Order is called the Knight Commander of the Star. The symbol of the Order of the Star is an eight-pointed star worn on the silver chain draped over the shoulders (the chain, of course, is the universal symbol of Knighthood). The color of the Star varies with rank: Knight Bachelor, white; Knight, blue; Knight General, red; Knight Commander, gold. The ideals of the Order of the Star, which each Knight will endevour to uphold, are chivalry, honor, courtesy, loyalty, and excellence (in fighting, etc). Those not upholding these ideals or their loyalty to the Order are subject to the discipline of the Order. Those not upholding their oath of loyalty to the Emperor are subject to the Emperor's wrath.