Author Biography

Dafydd Cyhoeddwr

Dafydd (aka John), a former editor for the Dargon Project and creator (as it were) of DargonZine itself, began writing for the Project as a challenge to himself to really write short stories. And, while the first Je'en story was short, by the time that saga ended, 'short' no longer applied to his stories. After a long dry spell that coincided with his editorship of DargonZine, he had returned to form and has yet to realize his dream of writing an actual short story. Dafydd likes to write stories inspired by songs. One of the chapters of his Talisman epic was inspired by the ballad "Lady Diamond"; Pirate Conclave was inspired by the "Pirate Jenn" song from the Three Penny Opera (by way of Steeleye Span's "Black Freighter"); The Ballad of the Horse Thief and the Potter was his take on Matty Groves (with an ending he much prefers to the historical ballad's); and his upcoming Fears, part of the wind-down of the Black Idol Arc, was inspired by a well known Indigo Girls song (you'll know which one if you know their work), not to mention a passing wink at a certain Suzanne Vega lyric as well. He has recently been involved in the Project's all-encompassing Black Idol Arc, which he enjoyed immensely. He hopes to do collaborative projects like that one in the future.
87 stories have been written by Dafydd Cyhoeddwr