Welcome to Dargon

Welcome to Dargon! Dargon is a small, out of the way fiefdom of the Kingdom of Baranur, situated in the extreme northwest corner of the world. It's separated from the rest of the kingdom by a vast wood and a minor ... [Read more]

DargonZine 27, Issue 2


It's that time of the quarter, again, and I'm expected to write another Editorial.  (In truth, Liam will be sending me a scolding reminder e-mail any mene now, but I'm hoping I hit "Send" before he does.) (He actually had 12 hours to spare - L.) But where to start?  We have a vast amount of possible topics, not least of which is my recent tradition of featuring specific Dargon authors each month.  However, what with the impending Independence Day weekend (for those of us in the United States of America), I feel a more significant theme should emerge.  But that would be rather egocentric of an American, wouldn't it, to impose his or her own celebration of Independence against a former foreign oppressor (who is now one of our greatest allies), while others around the world have no such ...[Read more]