Welcome to Dargon


Welcome to Dargon! Dargon is a small, out of the way fiefdom of the Kingdom of Baranur, situated in the extreme northwest corner of the world. It's separated from the rest of the kingdom by a vast wood and a minor ... [Read more]

DargonZine 32, Issue 1


Dargon is Doooooooooomed!! Sorry, I just had to get that out. We only published two issues last year. That's pretty bad. But things aren't as dark as they seem. It happens, every once in a while, that someone comes along and says “We’re doomed.”  We’re doomed if we don’t start making games.  We’re doomed if we don’t add cartoons.  We’re doomed if we don’t create videos.  Well, maybe someday we will be, but we’re not doomed yet.  This year, we are celebrating the beginning of our 35th year of Dargon stories (our 34 year anniversary).  We started out in volume 4, issue 1 of FSFNet, published in February of 1986.  That’s before the internet even became The Internet.  It’s before the World Wide Web.  Before chat, cell phones, and smart TVs.  To quote one of my favorite movies, “When I was a child, ...[Read more]