The Path to Power

Tyrus Vage trudged up a steep forest path, stumbling over roots and loose stones. His legs ached, and his right knee had stiffened; a lance of pain shot through it every time he tried to bend it. The pain was ... [Read more]

Welcome to Dargon

By: Ornoth

Welcome to Dargon! Dargon is a small, out of the way fiefdom of the Kingdom of Baranur, situated in the extreme northwest corner of the world. It's separated from the rest of the kingdom by a vast wood and a minor ... [Read more]

DargonZine 29, Issue 1


It's only the beginning of May, and it's been a hell of a year -- and not in a good way. Both major US political parties are in an uproar, the coming election in the States looks like it might be Trump vs Clinton which is likely interpreted by outside parties as an entertaining clash between a Reality TV Star and the First Cuckquean (look it up) of America. What could be considered a bigger tragedy, however, are the losses of certain social figures who had a profound effect upon music and theater: Alan Rickman, a master thespian; Prince, a gifted musician; and David Bowie, who managed to mix between the two for forty years and still stay relevant. But the Dargon Project is a writing organization. Where are the accolades for authors who have passed? I'll ...[Read more]