The Path to Power

Tyrus Vage trudged up a steep forest path, stumbling over roots and loose stones. His legs ached, and his right knee had stiffened; a lance of pain shot through it every time he tried to bend it. The pain was ... [Read more]

Welcome to Dargon

Welcome to Dargon! Dargon is a small, out of the way fiefdom of the Kingdom of Baranur, situated in the extreme northwest corner of the world. It's separated from the rest of the kingdom by a vast wood and a minor ... [Read more]

DargonZine 27, Issue 4


Writing editorials is a bit like writing stories for Dargon, but with a lot less peer review, and I don't have to conform to any set pattern, historical information, or what have you. It's freeing, really. But while they sometimes fly off the page, there are other times when writing the editorial is like drilling out my own cavities, and purposely not using Novocain. Not fun. So, in the instance that the editorial is not striking me like a flash of Zeus' bolt into my brain, I tend to go out and read a bit of other writers' works and commentary. This month, I found an article that espoused a belief to which I've historically clung, even if I haven't always practiced (but isn't that always the case?) The idea is this: if you're ...[Read more]