The Path to Power

Tyrus Vage trudged up a steep forest path, stumbling over roots and loose stones. His legs ached, and his right knee had stiffened; a lance of pain shot through it every time he tried to bend it. The pain was ... [Read more]

Welcome to Dargon

Welcome to Dargon! Dargon is a small, out of the way fiefdom of the Kingdom of Baranur, situated in the extreme northwest corner of the world. It's separated from the rest of the kingdom by a vast wood and a minor ... [Read more]

DargonZine 28, Issue 1


It's been a very busy few months for me. Everyone is busy, I know. When are we supposed to find time to write? Well, arguably, we're supposed to prioritize the things we love, and I have recently gone back to the sport of fencing after a 12 year hiatus. That has been extraordinarily good for me -- sadly, limited to one night a week. But I've also been incredibly bogged down in work and trying to spend time with my wife and kids. Writing, which is typically a solitary activity, is hard to mix into that compound of activities. So this editorial is late. In pursuit of this editorial, however, I started looking at tools for writing. Yes, I can use Notepad. In fact, I usually do. But sometimes I want ...[Read more]